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My name is Ben, I grew up and live in the very beautiful and creative city of Brighton, England. I came to hair styling later in my life, after a stint at university with plans to be a teacher, a longer stint running a graphic design company and finally, somehow, wound up qualifying as a hair stylist.

I love hair and everything to do with it, my particular passions are in avant garde styling and cutting, in which I’m both proud and lucky enough to have won awards, but I’m more than happy in the commercial environment too. Outside of hair and fashion, my passions are in music, film, languages and generally trying to never grow old.


Lemon/Soda was an idea borne by my disappointment with certain elements of the industries web presence.

I made the site to foster the independent spirit that is beginning to slowly rise throughout the hair industry online. No matter what it is, reviews of gear, videos. news that catches my eye and some articles here and there, everything is written without any agenda and not trying to sell you this weeks ground-breaking shampoo or a new serum that will save your life.

To this end, all gear reviews are strictly my honest opinion, after spending my own money on the gear I review. If any items were sent to me for review, this will always be stated clearly to ensure transparency. I would like to stress that regardless, this will not colour my opinion in the least and I say as much to the companies that contact me. First and foremost is the integrity of my writing to hold true to an independent voice.


I hope you can tell, but I try my best to keep the ads on this site to the absolute bare minimum. That’s because we all hate ads. At the end of the day though, it would be nice if I can cover my server costs, so I pop in one or two. I hope you guys aren’t too bothered by them. (If you do have any technical/moral issues with a particular ad, let me know and I will blacklist them on my google ads account ASAP).

The small ads I currently use make this site pretty much break even most months, but if you’d like to buy me a coffee to drink whilst I’m writing, that would be awesome. I’ve put up a PayPal donation button and if you would like to use it, then thank you very much, you’re too kind and I do really appreciate it. I love writing and the blog is a labor of love, but if it did happen to snag me a drink now and then too, that would be a great feeling!

In all seriousness though, the number one thing for me is to keep LEMON/SODA as independent as possible. Getting rid of the google ads is my final step to becoming completely 100% independent and if it could become viable to break even without the ads, then that would be even better than a coffee here and there! If you can help, then truly, thank you.