27 07, 2015

Interview: Erika Fung, NAHA Avant Garde stylist of the year winner 2015

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Erika Fung is a hairstylist based in Toronto, Canada. She currently works in NC Salon, which specialises in a range of Japanese treatments and services. In her first year entering, she won the NAHA Avant Garde stylist of the year award, which is most definitely no small feat. I contacted Erika shortly after NAHA [...]

24 07, 2015

Interview: DJ Muldoon of theFactory

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DJ Muldoon joined Vidal Sassoon as a cosmetology student and began teaching at Sassoons shortly after graduating. In his first year as an educator there he won the teacher of the year award and established himself amongst the creative team under the guidance of the Legendary, with a capital L, Tim Hartley. During his [...]