Electric Head Jog – Titanium Vibe Straightener Review

Head Jog, who make a variety of essential hairdressing tools and accessories, have recently launched a new brand as an extension of their main brand, rather succinctly titled: Electric Head Jog. As you can probably guess, it’s an electrical styling tool range and their first products available to the market cover the bases in heat styling, with a pair of straightening irons, a waving iron and a hair dryer. We’re going to be taking a closer look at the straighteners today, which are officially branded as the ‘Electric Head Jog Titanium Vibe Straightener’. We’ll get more in-depth later on in the review, but unsurprisingly, a lot of the features are right there in the name. Vibe might stand out a little to you, that’s right, these are straighteners which actually vibrate… Before we get into the details and features though, first up let’s talk price, which is something that seriously can’t be overlooked. The RRP of these straighteners is, I believe, £39.99, however I do recommend that you shop around, as I’ve seen them for as low as £29.99+ VAT in places like capital hair and beauty and I’ll say it right now, at those prices, these are an absolute STEAL. Read on to find out why.

So straight off the bat, let’s talk a little about the presentation. Often, products designed for the professional market have traditionally not been anything very glam, they come in cheap, throwaway packaging because it’s not really the important part of the product to most of us. In more recent years however, packaging for straighteners especially seems to have been stepping up and up, more than likely due to their popularity and commonality in the public sector. GHD and Cloud9 are a good example of professional brands that have crossed over wholesale to the larger, home market and with it, their products look practically gift wrapped in their packaging. It helps to cement their reputation in the public eye, rightly or wrongly, that they’re a desirable, premium product. Electric Head Jog have followed suit here with a very strong, matt black box which is sturdy and heavy feeling. The branding is all printed in either UV or embossed silver which is a classy touch and looks the part. It’s all very impressive for a product in this price range. As for the straighteners themselves, they have a fairly conventional matt black plastic casing, however the top plate has a small window which allows you to see down onto the controls and heat setting LCD display, meaning you don’t have to contort the straighteners to odd angles to see what temperature setting you’re using. The LCD display is simple, showing a number which represents the temperature and the controls are equally simple, with just three buttons, one for the power and an up and down control for changing the variable heat control. I’ll go into more detail momentarily, but as a cursory note, the heat control settings here are highly customisable. The heat plates themselves are Titanium coated, and have a mirror finish. They come with a 3m, power lead which swivels in the base of the straighteners to avoid tangling, which is standard fare these days but again, when you consider the price, it’s a nice touch. Overall, on first impressions they come across as a decent looking product. There’s nothing too flashy here,  but nor do they appear cheap at all.


So lets fire the Titanium Vibe up and talk about the variable heat control and performance. I’ve had a fair amount of time with the Electric Head Jog straightener now and I’ve been using it a fair bit. All in, I feel I can safely say that it’s all been a pretty pleasing experience. When you turn them on, you’re given a little feedback with a quiet electric beep and a quite satisfying, short burst of vibration. I quite like this haptic feedback. The LCD screen, which displays the current temperature setting starts counting up to allow you to see when they reach their ‘ready’ status. I’m not entirely sure how accurate this is in terms of accurately displaying the correct heat, or if it’s just a timer cleverly disguised, as the numbers tick up at a very uniform and steady rate and I don’t unfortunately have the tools to test this, but really that’s by-the-by as it all plays the same role in allowing you to see when the plates have reached the desired temperature. As stated earlier, the controls are nice and simple and aside from the power button, flanked on either side, there is a two more buttons, ‘up’ and ‘down’ which control the heat setting. It’s not unusual to have a variable heat control on a set of straighteners, but here it s really quite impressive, you can alter the heat in five degree steps, right down from 80 degrees and all the way up to 230 degrees. That’s a fair amount of control given to you and allows you to be as picky as you wish in terms of how much or how little heat you want to use, depending on your personal needs at any given time. When you alter the heat setting, you get the same rising or falling number on the LCD screen to illustrate when the straighteners have reached the desired setting. In use and at higher temperatures, the Titanium Vibe does get quite hot in the casing around the heat plates, more expensive straighteners use insulating materials in the body around the plates to keep them cool, but there’s no such thing here, so whilst it’s not a problem, it’s worth noting that you do have to take care to hold the straighteners from the window down. If you need to grip the plates together tightly, they do have a thicker, ‘gripped’ nub on the end of each arm which you can use which does stay cool, so in use this excess heat doesn’t have any practical down sides, aside from the need to be a little careful in picking them up.


These are called Titanium Vibe straighteners for a reason, so now I want to focus a little on one of the main things which sets these apart from other straighteners I’ve used: that interesting vibration feature. When the straighteners are turned on, as you close the plates together the straighteners jump to life in your hands quite literally by vibrating. It’s quite subtle, akin to something you might expect from your phone rather than your hair tools, but from a purely user-based experience, it’s quite satisfying and comfortable.  If you’re using these on clients, it might be worth giving them a quick warning about this feature, as I had more than a few people jump in surprise from the buzzing, though it is quiet, I think it’s just unexpected and I very quickly started mentioning this to anyone I used them on to give them a little forewarning and hopefully avoid any jumping about in seats when heat tools are in close proximity to their heads. Having said that, I also had several people tell me that the vibration was soothing and relaxing. I haven’t got the hair to use them on myself, but I’ll take their word for it and accept it as quite a useful little bonus feature. In the Electric Head Jog press release, the vibration feature is explained as being based on ancient Korean ironing techniques, where women would use sticks to beat things straight. I have no idea about this, but I’ll say one thing. It does make the smoothing process with the Titanium Vibe straightener very steady and flowing. In use, they glide down through the hair with almost zero resistance, which is really nice and allows you to work quickly and importantly, evenly throughout the head. I found that I’d rarely have to go over sections more than once and the end result always looked smooth and straight no matter the texture of the hair I ran them through. If you do, for whatever reason, decide that the vibration function isn’t for you, it can be turned off by a long press on the power button which acts to turn it on and off.

In conclusion then, what needs to be said? The Electric Head Jog Titanium Vibe straightener is a better than decent tool, it doesn’t have the flash and bling of some straighteners on the market, but at £80 – £100 cheaper than those offerings, you can hardly bemoan that for a second. At this price point, there is not a lot of straightening irons on the market that can offer the same level of features and performance for such good value. I’ve been using them for the purpose of this review for a while now, a good month at least and they haven’t once given me a reason to put them down and pick up my regular straighteners. I’ve been completely happy with them and honestly will not hesitate in using them in the future and giving them a solid recommendation here. Head Jog continue then, to offer solid, quality tools at really quite fantastic price points, if you are not looking to spend a small fortune on a pair of straighteners then I would highly recommend you take a look at this offering from Electric Head Jog.

The unit in this review was sent to me from Head Jog. At LEMON/SODA I’ll always give my honest opinion no matter the manner of acquisition, as well as taking cost into consideration whilst writing any review.

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