Head Jog High Shine round brush review

So after last weeks look at the Ibiza EX brush, today we’re going to look at the Head Jog High Shine line of boar bristle round brushes. These brushes come in 3 sizes, 114, 115 and 116 which measure up at 21mm, 27mm and 34mm respectively. It’s worth noting that they’re the official sizes which measure the barrel diameter, but the actual bristles add around an extra 18-20mm to each brush. They’re fairly widely available on the internet and they clock in at around a mere £7 per brush. They’re not priced differently for each size so that’s a straight price for any of the three models. At that price that puts these brushes firmly into the budget price range, but that’s exactly why I wanted to do this review today, because these brushes don’t look or feel anywhere near as budget as the price might lead you to believe.

Firstly, the brushes are constructed entirely from wood, which has then been treated or varnished to give them a nice, rich red-brown colour. At the top of the handle there’s a small rubber strip which is textured for grip and in the bottom of the handle is a removable sectioning pin which can either be stored inside the handle when not in use or removed, flipped over and then placed back into the bottom and used for aiding in sectioning your hair as you dry. The barrel of the brush is where things do get interesting and Head Jog have come up with a pretty novel idea to minimise snagging and maximise the coverage of each boar bristle on your hair. Spaced all along the barrel are nylon pins which are pretty standard in a brush, but the boar bristles, instead of sticking straight out horizontally from the barrel are angled up and away from the handle so that in use, the hair is rather pulled horizontally across the bristles, instead of being gripped vertically into each tuft. It’s a nice little twist and in theory I can see where it’s coming from. So how does it fair in practice?


During blow drying, the Head Jog High Shine doesn’t do a bad job at all. In fact, I really thought they handled the job very well. Especially on thinner sections, you could really see how the nylon bristles divided the hair into little sections which laid across each tuft of boar bristle, giving a nice visual representation of the polish that these boar bristle brushes are famed for. I used it exclusively for a couple of days and didn’t come across any snags and it always felt smooth through the hair. The tension is quite a gentle medium so you never get that tugging feeling which some more rigid boar bristle brushes will give you and I’d be happy to use them even on pretty damaged hair. The outcome always looked soft and smooth, overall I was very pleased with its performance.

The wood construction as noted earlier is nice, I’m a big fan of natural materials and my initial concerns of gripping them sufficiently with their varnished finish didn’t materialise to anything as I found them perfectly comfortable and confident to use, with the rubber grip helping when turning the brush in your fingers. In terms of craftsmanship, the varnished finish is a little ropey in places, but that’s fair enough at this price in my eyes. Personally I don’t use the sectioning pin and leave it tucked away inside the handle, but it’s nice that it’s there for people who do. If you prefer a meatier brush in your hands then you’ll be pleased to know they’re a little on the heavier end of the weight spectrum. This is going to be personal preference, but I found it just a shade too heavy as I do prefer flimsier brushes, though after five minutes of use I’d gotten used to it. I only own the 116 personally, which weighs in at 132g, though I did get my hands on the 114 and 115 briefly from a friend and they did feel considerably lighter.

In conclusion it’s hard to criticise what Head Jog have got here. At only £7 per brush, that’s nearing a steal and though I was sent mine from Head Jog, I was genuinely shocked when I looked the pricing up online and found out how cheap they were. I don’t think I’d change this review if they were double that cost, so these are definitely hitting a sweet note. There are small niggles like the weight and finish, though the weight is more personal preference and unless you’re willing to pay a significant premium, then I think that this sort of thing with the finish is fair enough and I don’t really see how this can really count against the Head Jog High Shine as an overall package. Simply, it’s a great brush which belies its budget price point, where things can often be not so great at all.

UPDATE: This brush is featured in our round brush round up video, which you can see here.

The unit in this review was sent to me, though not exclusively for a review from Head Jog. At LEMON/SODA I’ll always give my honest opinion no matter the manner of acquisition, as well as taking cost into consideration whilst writing any review.

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