Ibiza hair EX series round brush review

Today we’re taking a look at the EX series of round brushes by Ibiza Hair. I’m a huge fan of them, being very beautiful and slightly different to your average boar bristle round brush, so what sets these apart from other round brushes I’ve used in the past? First let’s get the boring bit out of the way: I bought mine from Salons Direct here in the UK, but when I checked at the time of writing this article, it looked like perhaps they weren’t stocking them any more, though they’re still available throughout the web for prices ranging around £15-£25 ($40-$50) per brush, depending on barrel size.

The most obvious thing that strikes you is the fact that they’re constructed from all natural materials. I’m a big lover of natural wood brushes and I admit it was this which first tempted me to try these brushes out. The handles are made from cork, this makes them naturally waterproof, lightweight and really pleasant to hold, they’re soft and ergonomic and feel comfortable in your hand. As a bonus, the cork is sustainably farmed in Spain. Cork can be farmed from trees without having to actually cut the tree down as part of the process, which leads to it being a sustainable and eco-friendly product, really great news, as we all love an eco-aware company don’t we? The barrel of the brush is made from a dark wood, which embarrassingly, I don’t know and cannot find which wood they’re constructed from, but it has a beautiful grain and colour and finishes the aesthetic really nicely. As far as the bristles go, Ibiza uses a mix of 65% natural boar bristle with 35% carbon fibre nylon to help give your blowdrys that sleek look. If you’re puzzled about what boar bristles do in a brush, they help to pull the natural conditioning oils in your hair (sebum) down from the root, through to the ends, which help to give it a healthy shine and polish.

So let’s talk performance, how well do they get things done? In short, I love using these brushes. I’ve used them for sleek straight drys as well as larger blowouts and soft curls to beachy waves. One really impressive thing about these brushes, which is quite rare for a boar bristle brush, is that I have never, not once, got hair snagged in the bristles. You know it happens, you take all the care in the world but sometimes you get those small snags. Well not with these brushes. They glide really easily through the hair, I think they have a really soft feel and don’t feel like they’re tugging too much. I’ve used boar bristle round brushes before that have felt like I was dragging a pack of razor blades through a clients hair and hated them, but the Ibiza EX just slide through really gently. Worth noting too is the weight, being made from wood and cork, they are really comfortable and lightweight in your hands. Once you get used to their weight, they can make heavier brushes feel like a bit of a chore. To put a figure on it, I weighed mine and the EX2 weighs in at 54g, EX3 at 74g and finally the EX4 at 95g. That’s not a small detail at all. Not naming names, but my other two boar bristle brushes that have barrel sizes around the same as the EX3 weigh in at 124g and 132g. Quite a significant difference. When I use these brushes, the outcome has always been a really creamy gloss finish and  I genuinely have had at least a couple of handfuls of clients ask me for more details where they can buy the brushes after their service is finished, who have then come in next time and been thankful for introducing the brushes to them.

So in conclusion, what needs to be said really? Ibiza Hair EX round brushes, with their natural materials and fantastic feel in use really cannot be recommended by me highly enough. Are there nicer brushes out there? Sure there are some really beautiful brushes in the market. If you are happy to pay the premium, the YS Park G-series for one, run this brush close, but this brush is more affordable for most and absolutely kills it. Highly recommend that you give these brushes a crack if you’re looking for one of the best round brushes on the market at a fairly reasonable price.

UPDATE: This brush is featured in our round brush round up video, which you can see here.

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