Parlux Melody hairdryer silencer review

Parlux are well documented for producing absolutely top tier hair dryers. You can read our review of their latest dryer, the Parlux 385 Power Light here if you’re looking for a new dryer, or aren’t familiar. It’s a fantastic piece of kit that boasts reduced volume levels when in operation as one of its features. As we mentioned in the review, it is quiet, but it is still a dryer and you end up shouting over the top of it all the same, so I’ve been keen to try out the Parlux Melody silencer for a while. It retails at £17.95 and comes in the form of a small attachment that fits onto the rear of the dryer, claiming to cut sound significantly. Whilst I refer to using the 385 dryer in this review, it is important to mention that the Melody silencer is universal and will fit onto any Parlux dryer.  Potentially very interesting, not least for my neighbours when I’m messing about on a block at 2am…

taking a first look then, Parlux have been pushing the Eco friendliness of their products and it’s reflected here again with the Melody silencer, which is packaged in a sturdy but minimal recycled, corrugated cardboard box with Italian and English print and a circular window allowing the top of the silencer to peek out. Inside you find only the silencer and a small folded leaflet of instructions for use, which are great for monkeys or other small animals with opposable thumbs,  because as we’ll get to, this thing is very simple.  I really like this eco-friendly approach though and think it says a lot about the company personally.


At first glance, there is a lot less to the melody silencer than you might think. It is a small plastic little number, with the same, good looking gold print and high-gloss finish of Parlux dryers, making it sit discreetly onto the rear of the dryer snugly with a rubber seal, which aids in vibration absorption and sound proofing between the seal of the dryer body and the silencer attachment. The rubber runs around the bottom of the silencer and on opposing sides, runs up to the top to aid in gripping the silencer when attaching and removing it. There are air vents circling around the sides of the silencer which sit above around 1cm of noise reducing foam that lines the inside that helps to dull the sound. The end of the silencer is a convex, conical structure and whilst I’m no sound engineer, I imagine that this particular shaping helps to redirect the sound radially, to soak up the energy and disperse it in a 360 degree direction, allowing the sound to ‘dilute’ of sorts, out into the room.

So about those monkey instructions. Using the Melody silencer is a simple matter of placing it onto the rear of the dryer and pushing it towards the body until it clicks onto the filter. To remove it, you simply snap it off. I thought that it might screw on, or need you to remove the filter, but Parlux have designed it so that it couldn’t be simpler. Weighing only 52g, which makes it more or less unnoticeable in use, I found that when you tilt the dryer backwards in your hand with the Melody silencer attached, you could feel how it effects the balance at extreme angles, but realistically, this wouldn’t be a problem in use and I found it barely noticeable even when really trying to feel for it specifically for this review.

So critically then, how does the melody silencer perform? In short, very well. The first thing I noted when I snapped it onto the back of the dryer was not the volume reduction, but the tonal change. It seems to cut the top end of the sound of the dryer removing somewhere around the top 100-200Hz. What this means is that it cuts out the higher sounding “ringing” tones, you know, the really annoying ones. It makes the dryer sound boxier, with a deadened sound. I think this actually might be even more crucial than the actual volume cut, as it’s those higher pitched drones which can really grate after prolonged use. It feels like it sits the dryer into a more comfortable and relaxed register. Volume wise, immediately it doesn’t sound like a huge difference. On the low setting, I found it cut the volume by 8Db, from 41 to 34 and on the higher speed setting, by 7Db from 50 to 43. Think about that for a second though and it means that essentially, with the silencer attached and set to the higher speed setting, it puts the volume at only slightly more than the low speed setting without any silencer and that’s pretty nice. With the added ‘deadened’ tonal change, it’s really quite significant. If however, you use it for a longer period and then remove it, you will notice the difference much more clearly. I did a couple of blowdrys on a block, one after the other and then removed the silencer and was quite shocked at how quickly I’d gotten used to the quieter sound and how much of a leap up in volume it was. If you have longer hair and are looking to use this at home or you are a professional that drys for longer periods, this is really good news.

parlux melody silencer volume graph

Below is a quick video demonstrating the noise reduction of the Melody silencer on a Parlux 385 Power Light.

[youtube  title=”Parlux Melody hair dryer silencer review” video=”″ autohide=”1″ color=”white” controls=”2″ allowfullscreen=”1″ iv_load_policy=”3″ theme=”light” quality=”default” w3c=”1″]

In conclusion the Parlux Melody silencer is a bit of a tricky one, really depending on what your expectations are. If you’re a personal user looking to cut the noise to stop annoying the neighbours, house mates, don’t wake the baby etc. you might be a little disappointed, this won’t cut your hair dryer to near silence. Use it for a while though and I think you’ll still find it a satisfying purchase. If however, you have long, thick hair or are a professional then I think it’s a great little addition straight off the bat. It will cut the ringing tones, you’ll comfortably be able to hear your phone ringing or doorbell, as a professional, there will be less stopping during a blowdry to ask your client to repeat themselves. If you worked in a salon and everyone used Parlux dryers with a Melody silencer, then I think the drop in volume level will be far more dramatic and will give you a much more relaxed and calm space. I definitely think it is a positive addition to my kit and will not be taking it off any time soon, so really feel like I can happily recommend it as a solid purchase.



The unit in this review was sent to me, though not exclusively for a review. At LEMON/SODA I’ll always give my honest opinion no matter the manner of acquisition, as well as taking cost into consideration whilst writing any review.

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  1. Stanley Feb 13, 2016 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    I am a professional hairstylist, 5 years in the business. Thank you SO much for this review and the decibel readings and total explanation! My dryer broke, so I was looking for a new dryer. I tried a few fellow stylist’s dryers and was impressed with the Twin Turbo w/ silencer. Because of your other reviews, I chose a similar but LIGHTER product, the Parlux 385. Mine is lime green, which I have named Kermit. 🙂

    I ordered the silencer for it today because of this review and I’m quite excited. I’ve found the lightest, quietest and most powerful dryer… that makes a difference over the course of months and years. Thanks again!

    • Ben
      Ben Feb 19, 2016 at 12:08 am - Reply

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I love the dryer, I really wish I had a bit more guts and bought something other than black now though!

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