YS Park G-Series round brush review

Recently we’ve been looking at round brushes here at LEMON/SODA and today is no different, for our final review (for now) of boar bristle round brushes, we’re going to be getting in depth with the YS Park G-series curl shine styler. YS Park are well known for their quality, professional products and this brush is no different. It’s undoubtedly packed with a premium price tag so let’s just get that bit out of the way shall we? In total, there are seven different sizes and honestly, the sizes are a little confusing as the model numbers don’t really correspond to the actual size you might expect. This can be common with round brushes where they’re either measured by barrel or bristle size. This is made more confusing however, since there are two different lengths of bristle on the YS Park. To put this to bed for you, the number used in the model size corresponds to the larger, nylon bristles, with the boar bristles usually sitting at 10mm shorter, so the 60G1 for example has a boar bristle diameter of 50mm and so on. Each G-Series brush is priced determining on the barrel size, and they range from around £35 for the G5, which is the smallest in the range, to around £70 for the GW0, the largest. All of the barrel sizes are available in the UK from DOWA International, who are the official distributors of YS Park in the UK. In America, the Hairbrained pro shop sell four of the barrel sizes for between $50-$65. Another route is to import from Japan directly, which is what I did via the help of a good friend in Tokyo, this way is a little cheaper but you obviously run the gamut of international post and possible customs charges, if you’re willing to throw the dice though, you can save about 20-30% on the price, so you may want to weigh that up if it’s a possibility for you.

If you’ve read our other reviews of the Ibiza EX series brushes or the Head Jog High Shine brush, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of natural materials in my tools. The YS Park G-Series brushes are absolutely no different in this regard and the handle and barrel are constructed from a single, solid piece of African Teak wood, which is a naturally strong and arid wood, light in colour and with a very beautiful grain. Before you freak and think that sounds heavy, never fear, the G-Series are incredibly light weight. The wood of the brushes are almost entirely hollowed out from handle to barrel, which is nothing short of pure craftsmanship. Every detail of the construction from the signature YS Park holes in the handle, which aid in keeping your hands free from sweat and the handle dry, to the four carved lines at the top of the handle for better grip are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. With all that wood removed, the 60G1, which is one of the bigger models of brush, weighs only 72g. That’s even lighter than the equal sized Ibiza brush, which is largely constructed of cork.


Some of this weight saved is due to the G-Series short length. The barrel size is a pretty standard 100mm, but the handle is much shorter than most round brushes on the market. The Ibiza brushes are close, but it’s still about a half inch shorter than those even. What this means in use is that the stub of the YS Parks handle sits nestled into the palm of your hand, rather than pass through and out the other side, which makes it really very comfortable and allows your fingers to rest naturally on the upper, contoured grip area of the handle. The bristles of the YS Park G-Series are white boar and polyamide, with the boar and polyamide alternating around the barrel. The polyamide being there to retain a uniform tension and aid in straitening, with the boar to smooth and curl. Typically, white boar bristles are softer than black and this is reflected here, but don’t be fooled, the G-Series is no slouch and can certainly pull a head around. If you’re looking for a brush which has the ultra high tension of black boar bristles in this price range, I hear the YS Park Carbon Tiger brushes will pull your scalp clean off.

So now we’ve learnt all about it’s construction how does the thing actually go through hair? Well, unsurprisingly at this juncture, it’s up there at the very top of the pile. As mentioned, the tension is certainly enough to straighten out anything thrown its way, whilst it never feels anything less than smooth and easy to pull through the hair. I found it to create bevels with ease and no legwork from me as a stylist at all. In curling, it was just the same, giving big, soft and smooth curls and waves and it seemed to do it all with such little effort on my part. The hair was, as you would expect from boar bristle, smooth and shiny in the end and the G-series always maintained the beautiful creamy texture you would hope from a quality boar bristle. It was, it has to be said, nothing short of a pleasure to use and I’m not a huge fan of blow drying so I would say that that says a little something.

The YS Park G-Series is a beautiful brush, not only in construction but also in function. It’s a breeze to use and get great results and it certainly looks gorgeous with it’s Teak construction and keen attention to finish and detail that you’d expect from any YS Park tool. Is it worth the premium price tag? That’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. If you’re looking for a brush with the money to get into the premium market, you won’t go wrong here, the craftsmanship is second to none, with a performance that is absolutely top drawer. If you’re a little more hesitant to drop a sizeable lump into a brush then I’d say have a think about how often you’re blowing out your or your clients hair. If it’s on the regular, then I would certainly recommend giving the YS Park G-Series serious consideration as you’ll be hard pressed to find better.

UPDATE: This brush is featured in our round brush round up video, which you can see here.

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  1. Sarah Nov 28, 2015 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Great review! I was thinking about getting the Ibiza, but you’ve convinced me to go for the YS Park. 🙂

    Do you mind helping me choose a size? What is the equivalent to an Ibiza EX3 (medium)?

    Thank you!


    • Ben
      Ben Jan 17, 2016 at 5:17 am - Reply

      Hi Sarah! I’m so sorry for the late reply, I just saw your comment now! If you’re still looking, the YS Park G1 (I think some sites just call it ’60’) is pretty much exactly the same size as the EX3. Its a good middle ground if you’re looking to buy the one brush and I’ve used it equally to bevel jaw length bobs as well as straighten hair below the shoulders. In fact when I go out and do clients mobile and want to travel as light as possible, the YS Park and a Vess 9 row are the only two brushes I even take now! Sorry it’s so late, but I hope it can still help, if not maybe somebody else in future!

  2. Kristy Jul 21, 2016 at 4:00 am - Reply

    Loved this Review!
    Just wanting to ask about this YS brush and how it would really go on my fine, thin , frizzy/wavy and easily prone to breakage hair? as im worried it might be too harsh on my fragile hair.
    Would you be able to recommend which round brush would best suit my hair type, I’m worried about making my purchase and not choosing the right one, Ive been looking at both YS and Ibiza and came across your review and would love your help!
    Thanking you

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