Layered & Textured Pixie Cut – Easy DIY Haircut!


This is a layered Pixie cut which is nice and easy to do by just about anyone! All you need is a comb and a pair of scissors. The cut is based on classic Sassoon cutting methodology and the outcome is a heavily textured, modern Pixie.

Because this is a fake head in the video, the hair doesn’t sit well, so the final look will be much sleeker and overall a better shape on a real person.


First things first, make sure the hair is wet and combed through. Divide the hair like you’re making a centre parting, slightly off to one side and again opposite, so you’re left with a strip down the middle of the hair about an inch thick. Picking this up with the comb and pulling straight up, angle your fingers slightly upwards towards the front of the head, so that when you cut, the hair is getting ever so slightly longer towards the front. continue this line to the front of the hairline and the entire strip is cut.

The next step is to take a digonal parting, from the crown to the front of the hairline as you can see in the picture below. This is called ‘pivoting’, and using the line you last cut as a guide, with your fingers parallel to the parted line, continue cutting. Continue this as outlined in the picture below. Of course, check the video too, as you might get a clearer picture from there.

layered picie cut instructions 1


We’ll start cutting the sides now. Make a straight vertical parting about 1-2cm from the front hairline and with your fingers tapering slightly inwards, cut straight down. Continue this around to the back of the head, taking straight, vertical sections about 1-2cm and using the previous cut as a guide.

When you reach the back of the head, you can repeat step 1 and 2 on the opposite side of the head.


Onto the fringe! Make a centre part, and then similar to step one, but only in the fringe area, take a diagonal part about 1 inch at its widest point at the front of the head. Pull the hair directly upwards, but as you do so, slide your fingers forwards, so that the hair is all being pulled forwards. This is difficult to describe in writing, so have a look at the below image and the video to see exactly what I mean. Take the next section at the widest point of the fringe and repeat the above step, pulling all the hair into the middle of the head (overdirection).

Repeat on both sides. This will leave quite a choppy and textured fringe, so don’t worry too much about perfection here, as a nice choppy fringe is what we want.

layered picie cut instructions 2


Cleaning up at the end is nice and easy. The first step is to work around the round of the head. What we’re looking to do is remove the ‘corners’. Basically, where the head rounds and you might call the transition area from the top of your head to the side, take about inch sized sections and pull outwards from the head. What you’ll see is a small area of hair that is longer than everything else, this is the corner. All we do is cut in a straight line and remove this longer section. Check out the video to see what I mean (at 7:30 minutes in).

You may also want to clean up the nape area, which might be looking a little mullet-y. With the scissors pointing UPWARDS, cut this hairline back to where you would like it. It’s personal taste really, some people like a bit of mullet hair back there to twiddle with in their styling. Again, check the video and you’ll see me doing this (at 7:00 minutes in).

JOB DONE! You just cut a pixie! How easy was that?! If you have any troubles, just watch the video carefully and take things slow. You can also feel free to contact me with any questions, and I’ll be happy to help! Enjoy cutting!

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